Our Values

We are Less Threads
Local, Equality, Sustainable, Safe.
As consumers we have become overwhelmingly conscious about the impact of our constant consumption and want to help and minimise this where we can. Less Threads wants to vocalise the emerging market of slow fashion and promote brands which are dedicated to ethical and sustainable pieces. It is our ability to make a positive difference. 
We are passionate about putting mindfulness first and foremost when it comes to shopping and making it easier for you to do so too. 
We want to grow in an ethical and sustainable manner by creating an online ‘marketplace’ where you can make informed decisions using the same ethical values we share: 

Local - We like to keep it local. For a designer to be considered local on Less Threads, 80% of its production must be made, designed or constructed in the hometown or country of the brand.

Equality - Power to the people. We support and expect our brands to comply with equal rights. This includes equal opportunities, equal wages and anti-discrimination laws for people from all genders and races.

Sustainable - Au Naturel. We like knowing that our clothing is derived from Eco-friendly resources, which is why designers must mostly use sustainable grown fiber crops or recycled materials, whilst using no nasties along the way. Whilst being transparent and producing minimal waste.

Safe - He Tangata. It’s important for us to know that the person who made your fabulous item is safe. We work with brands who support free trade and keep the people behind the brand’s well-being, safety and empowerment in mind. 

Ellis and Kirsten