Our Brands

Tasi Travels - Sustainability is at the heart of the Tasi brand. All pieces are made to order, so they aren't sitting on any stock, which means there is no wastage.

Their primary fabric is a beautiful textile called tencel, and one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics available. All Tasi orders are shipped plastic free and they have also partnered with Carbon Neutral to plant one tree for every item sold!

The entire Tasi collection is designed and produced in Australia, supporting local industry and local businesses, whilst lowering their contribution to fossil fuels. A core part of the Tasi ethos is minimalism; less but better. Operating under a slow fashion model, not releasing styles seasonally like most fashion brands.

Tasi replaces the need to consume, simply by making clothes that last. 

To read more about what Tasi are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: https://www.tasitravels.com/pages/sustainability-transparency



Nisa - "Nisa employs women from refugee backgrounds to sew our beautiful underwear. For them, work means financial independence, pride and being a valued member of a team". It is Nisa's mission is to provide them with meaningful and interesting paid work, while at the same time making kick-ass undies. Nisa also uses GOTS certified organic cotton wherever they can, and source their super soft elastics from Portugal.

To read more about what Nisa are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: transparencyhttps://nisa.co.nz/pages/about-us  





















Sol Cups - "We choose to use hand blown glass because it is a more sustainable and ethical manufacturing process, to suit our plastic free mission.

We’ve done in-depth research about the harmful impact the use of plastics has on the human body and environment, and we want to share our passion for well-being with as many people as possible. A journey from personal health and a desire to make the world a cleaner and greener place, Sol cups are designed to work with your drink, with your body and with the environment".

To read more about what Sol Cups are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: https://solcups.com/about-us/


 PALA Eyeware - "Shockingly, 10% of the world’s population can’t access eye care and may never know a life without the disabling effects of poor vision".

PALA gives back to eye-care programmes in Africa by providing grants to vision centres, dispensaries and screenings. Their work roughly equates to: every pair of sunglasses purchased  = a pair of spectacles to a person who needs them.

All glasses cases and packaging is made from recycled materials, and $2.50 is put towards offsetting the CO2 cost of your delivery.

To read more about what PALA are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: https://palaeyewear.com/our-story/


Arcadia The Label - All Arcadia's products are made eco-friendly or from recycled materials where possible, with the added benefit of being able to go straight into your compost.

A monthly donation from all sales goes to a different charity each month. 

To read more about what Arcadia are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: https://www.arcadiathelabel.com/behind-the-label

 Time IV Change

Time IV Change leather is vegan and cruelty free, meaning there weren’t any animals harmed or used in the process of creating their leather bands. The leather is microfiber man made from recycled materials. The qualities the leather possesses includes: 
- A very good hand feel and comfortable touch. 
- Lighter weight than genuine leather 
- Hydrolysis resistant 
- Very durable 
- Abrasion resistant 
- Eco friendly and ethically minded 
- Cruelty free  

To read more about what Arcadia are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: https://www.timeivchange.com.au/pages/faqs

Cecile Swim

Cecile Swim produces limited quantities, supporting low production runs and quality pieces so that tailors are able to work in an environment in which they feel comfortable in. They make visits to the Cecile Swim factory to guarantee transparency, fair wages and to ensure that rights are met for all workers. 

All of their swim pieces are versatile and made to last.  With the attitude that there is no such thing as “out of fashion”. 

To read more about what Cecile are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: https://www.cecileswim.com/pages/our-mission

Project Pargo

Project Pargo have designed a range of premium insulated drinkware, bottles & cups that are built tough enough to travel, functional and stylish enough to go anywhere you go.

PARGO mission is to help those who don't have access to or can't afford clean drinking water, that's why every Project Pargo product sold helps a person in need gain access to clean water.
To read more about what Pargo are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: https://projectpargo.com/pages/about

Cleonie Swim

Cleonie is focused on supplying SUSTAINABLE and ALL AUSTRALIAN products to the world. They believe in SLOW FASHION, creating each order from scratch as it is placed, lowering the amount of waste in materials, and any excess stock. 

Cleonie uses eco-conscious and sustainable materials, with every single order being 'MADE TO ORDER'.  They will cut and make your swimsuit as soon as the order comes in, which means you have the option of changing it if you wish- making it cheekier or bigger in the bust- whatever request you have they will try their best to achieve it for you!! 

To read more about what Cleonie are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: https://www.cleonie.com/pages/our-sustainable-approach

Justice Denim

Justice Denim source the majority of their Denim from Calik, a premium denim factory in Turkey. Calik is accredited with the Bluesign certificate, which is considered as the global approval of environmental, health and production safety. 

They work to ensure a zero wastage model by donating all of their denim off cuts and scrap denim to quilters who recycle them into quilts and other projects. They are committed to paying their denim artisans fairly and do so by producing their garments in Melbourne with local Denim Craftsmen.

Justice Denim are also working their way through their entire supply chain to ensure all their suppliers sign a Child Labour Clause, Living ages Clause and Freedom of Movement Clause.

To find out more about how Justice Denim are making a positive difference, visit them at: https://www.justicedenim.com.au/pages/test-sustainability-page.


Baru decided to turn the fashion brand process on its head and built their brand backwards, focusing on tackling mental health in young Australians by creating the ‘baru Outdoors’ initiative – setting up a fund to help as many young Aussies to get away from the stress of the city and into nature.

Baru have partnered with factories in China that are dedicated to guaranteeing worker rights and entitlements.  They use sustainable fabrics – ensuring that the cotton is organic and use polyester which is 100% made from recycled water bottles.

Baru also ship with Sendle, Australia’s first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service.

To find out more about what Baru are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: https://www.baru.com.au/working-sustainably/


Wrapper's Delight

Wrapper’s Delight was started to move away from single use products used in gift giving, specifically all of the throw away, single use wrapping products and cards wrapped in plastic! 

The designs are inspired by the Japanese art of furoshiki (wrapping and carrying goods in cloth), creating sustainable, beautiful and easy-to-use giftwraps. All of the giftwraps are handmade in Wellington, New Zealand.

Click here to learn how to wrap. 

To find out more about Wrapper's Delight's story, check them out at: https://www.wrappersdelight.co.nz/my-story


Eco Saint

Eco Saint is doing there part to limit single use plastic, providing grocery bags that allow your produce to breathe, whilst absorbing any excess moisture that can be detrimental to freshness. Cleverly, their bags can be dampened for produce that requires water vapor for freshness.

To find out more about Eco Saint's products and how they are beneficial, visit them at: https://www.ecosaint.co.nz/about.html



Not only do Indecisive understand the impact of the fashion industry, they are determined to reduce its impact and drive better practices that are more sustainable and will benefit nature, humans and animals alike. 

Indecisive use Australian made organic cotton that is grown in India and spun and woven in Australia. They also use surplus fabric from other textile companies, such as organic tencel and bamboo, which would otherwise end up as landfill. 

All Indecisive garments are manufactured in-house on the South Coast of NSW Australia.  

To find out more about what Indecisive are doing to make a positive difference visit them at: https://indecisive.com.au/pages/sustainability


Minima is an Australian accessories brand, combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary minimal design, influenced by architectural forms and Scandinavian natural mode.

Each of their pieces is carefully cut, assembled and sewn by hand using only the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather. By keeping a hands-on role, no two creations are exactly the same, resulting in a sustainable range of classic designs that are designed to last. 

The vegetable tanned leather is sourced from a traditional Tuscan tannery, where the productive cycle is strictly monitored to ensure a low impact on the environment.  It is the most natural and eco-friendly type of tanning. 

To find out more about Minima's story visit them at: https://www.minimahandcrafted.com/pages/our-story

This is Loveland

The material that makes up the fabric of Loveland's pieces comes from post-consumer nylon waste, including discarded fishing nets from the ocean. The process in which the recovered nylon is remade into new products does not compromise the integrity of the bonds, so the feel is buttery soft & the weight/thickness ensures it passes the all-important squat test! 

Loveland produce their pieces in Indonesia at an eco-friendly factory, where the workers have a clean, fun working environment, access to health care & are paid above minimum wage. To prove this the factor is completely open to the public, promoting 100% transparency. 

And yes, all Loveland's pieces are completely vegan and animal cruelty free. 

To read more about how Loveland are striving to be sustainable, check them out here: https://www.thisisloveland.com/pages/the-eco-truth

Ricepaper the Label

Simple. Elegant . Ethical
Ricepaper the Label believe in shape and function being naturally beautiful.
They believe in making pieces that inspire self-confidence whilst being timeless, versatile and enduring.
Ricepaper's focus is on mindful consumption and minimising waste through creating long lasting pieces.

To find out more about Ricepaper, check them out at: https://ricepaperthelabel.com/pages/about-us


Seapia lives by the belief that looking good shouldn’t be at the expense of the world around us, that we can feel great in good-looking and durable swimwear without it costing the earth. 

Seapia is a brand with the welfare of the oceans at its heart, and the spirit of adventure in its soul. Using a fabric produced from recycled fishing nets and other post-consumer plastic waste, designed and made in Sydney and using organic packaging and sustainable products throughout the process, their hope is to leave as small a footprint on our beaches as possible.

For more on Seapia's mission, check them out at: https://seapia.com.au/pages/sustainability

Second Swim

Second Swim was established in Cairns in late 2012. Second Swim is passionate about the Ocean and protecting our marine life, and donate 10% of their sales to help clean the Ocean and water ways. 

Second Swim is a luxury swimwear line made from high quality Italian Lycra and regenerated nylon, so our pieces will have you looking and feeling your absolute best.

Every single bikini sent to you is personally looked over, gift wrapped and sent by the Creative Director and Leading Designer, Rebecca, to ensure it maintains it’s level of quality.


To read more about Second Swim, their donations and how they are striving to be sustainable, check them out here: https://www.secondswim.com.au/about