Pale Blush + Oyster Mushroom (Organic) Wrap

  • $13.00


The simple, wasteless way to wrap gifts for every occasion.

This reusable and reversible wrap is made using beautiful organic cotton fabric - one side a pale blush, the other a beautiful oyster mushroom. The natural cotton cord is attached for easy wrapping.

The wrap comes in two sizes:

Medium (35 x 35cm)

Great for items like perfume, small toys, books, or smaller items of clothing.

 Large (50 x 50cm)

Best for larger or bulky items like small board games, soft toys, or over-sized books.

Gift wrap etiquette

There are no rules: keep them in the family, make them part of the gift, or just ask for them back!

Care instructions

Spot clean and iron if necessary, otherwise simply fold and store them away for next time.